How to make teddy bear clothes

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Dressing up teddy can be a lot of fun when you have a great collection of outfits. Now you can create a whole wardrobe without a lot of expense by making your own bear clothing. With a little patience, you can make teddy bear clothes.

Sew teddy bear clothing with small pieces of fabric in a variety of colors. Place your pattern on the material and cut out two of each piece.

Pin your fabric together leaving the neck, arm holes and body hole open. Turn the outfit inside out and sew along the edges of the fabric. Use small neat stitches that won't be seen in your finished outfit. Leave 6 mm (ΒΌ inch) of material along each seam.

Remove the pins when you are done sewing and turn the outfit right-side out. Add decorations like ribbons, bows, buttons and lace. Hem the bottoms of the trousers or skirt and hem the sleeves of dresses or shirts.

Be creative and use old clothing that you've outgrown to make teddy bear clothes that you can keep forever. Cut up your favorite old jeans or worn out shirt.

Decorate outfits with fabric paint. You can personalize your bear's t-shirts by adding a name or fancy decoration.

Crochet or knit clothing for your bear. You can make a dress, underwear and matching hat for your teddy bear. Use bear clothing patterns or patterns for dolls that are the same size as your teddy bear. Find free patterns online (see Resources). Decorate your knit or crocheted bear with bows and hair accessories.

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