How to Make Recycled Robots

Recycled robots are a great way for kids to create something out of items that would ordinarily go into the recycling box or the landfill. They can have fun making the robots as they learn how different sizes and shape work together to make a whole. Recycled robots make a great individual or group activity.

Put all of the empty boxes on the table with the paper tubes, plastic lids, bottle caps, aluminum pie plates, soda cans and other recycled items. The more shapes and sizes you provide, the more variety the recycled robots will have and the more rewarding the project will be.

Ask the children to take a look at the boxes and other recycled items on the table, and to decide how to arrange them to form a robot body. Before they join the bodies, they should experiment to decide what formation will work best for legs, arms, body and head.

Use bottle caps or lids for eyes, and make mouths, noses, and other robot features with other recycled items.

Join the robots securely with scotch tape, clear packing tape or glue.

Cover each recycled robot with aluminum foil.

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