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How to Cure Exfoliative Cheilitis

Exfoliative cheilitis is a condition when the lips become very dry and the skin flakes off. Other symptoms can be lip discoloration, cracked lips, inflammation and overall discomfort. This article will help you diagnose the problem and how to treat exfoliative cheilitis.

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  1. Seek medical treatment. Some doctors are able to offer suggestions on treatments that can be used to cope or help to lessen the severity of exfoliative cheilitis. Methods include changing the diet and increasing water intake.

  2. Look for online forums to see how other people with exfoliative cheilitis live with the condition. Some people swear by lip balm and drinking more water, while some have devised a vitamin and supplement intake schedule to minimize or rid the lips of symptoms of exfoliative cheilitis. You'll find all sorts of helpful comments and "been there, done that" tips from these forums.

  3. Apply lip balm or treatment lotion to the lips twice daily to help slow the process of flaking skin. One technique is hydro cortisone cream, cold compress consisting on water and vinegar for 30 minutes, followed by a lactic acid lotion. Keep lips moist as much as possible to keep the lips soft.

  4. Continue with regimented treatment for several weeks. It may take a bit for the treatment to work so stick with one treatment for six to eight weeks. If you see no improvement after adequate time, try another approach.

  5. Tip

    Research exfoliative cheilitis before self-diagnosing. Keep a positive attitude while undergoing treatment.


    Seek medical advice before self-medicating. There is no cure for exfoliative cheilitis. Exfoliative cheilitis is hard to diagnose. It may be necessary to seek a second opinion.

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