How to Delete a Photo or Video at Badoo

If you are looking for a social networking site that operates on a global level, then Badoo is the spot for you. Members from all over the world post their profiles and add their own personal photos and videos. After posting a photo or video on Badoo, you have the option to delete it at anytime.

Sign in to your Badoo account. Before you can delete any of the content found on your profile, you need to securely log in with your username and password.

Go to your profile page. You'll see the photos that you added, which includes the displayed pic.

Select the delete option at the top of each photo or video. Confirm that you wish to delete the photo or video when prompted. You should keep at least one photo active in order to include a picture with your profile page.

Delete a photo or video posted in one of your entries. Find the photo or video within the entry. Locate the "X" at the top of the image. Click the "X" to remove the image from the Badoo entry.

Eliminate your entire Badoo profile to get rid of all photos and videos at once. You can post a new profile at a later time if you wish.