How to make tulle skirts

Make Tulle Skirts

Tulle skirts are a form of tutu that is among the easiest type of skirt to make yourself. You'll simply need to shop for the right fabric and learn a few tricks to give the finished skirt the stylistic flair you prefer.

Plan to make your tulle skirt by hand. Many sewing pundits find that tulle fabric gets caught up in the pin mechanism of a sewing machine far too easily. Making a tulle skirt is essentially as simple as forming a waistband and attaching any accessories to the fabric.

Pick up approximately 10 yards of tulle material from your local fabric store. There are, in general terms, two types of tulle fabric: heavier and scratchier, or lighter and softer. Opt for the latter.

Purchase about 1 yard of satin ribbon that's at least 2 inches in width. As an alternative to satin, you can buy grosgrain ribbon instead.

Leave the tulle fabric folded in half (it usually comes folded) to create an extra-puffy look. If you don't want such a puffy skirt, unfold the fabric and cut it according to the desired size.

Gather the tulle, forming a loop that will serve as the skirt's waist. The length of the edge you gathered should roughly equal the waist measurement of the person who will be wearing the skirt. Allow an extra half-inch in length for a regular-fitting tulle skirt, and add 1 extra inch to make skirts that have a bustled, billowy effect.

Fold the ribbon in half. Iron it crisp. Fold the ribbon along the edge of the tulle you just gathered to form the waistband and secure it in place using pins.

Sew the ribbon into place using a top-stitch, closing off the gap between the ribbon and the tulle. Secure the ribbon by sewing its bottom edge to the tulle, too.

Use the loose ends of the ribbon to tie the skirt into place around the wearer's waist.

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