How to match a suit with a tie and shirt

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For many men, matching a tie and shirt with their business suit is an impossible task. It doesn't have to be that way, though. You can easily match almost every tie in your wardrobe with a coordinating suit and shirt. Once you understand a few basic coordinating tricks, you can always present yourself as a professional.

Match the tie and shirt with the suit. The suit is the dominant item of the three and the most expensive part of a professional wardrobe. A dark blue, black or grey suit is a must have for many professional meetings and can be a versatile piece of clothing.

Wear white shirts with any colour tie to coordinate with your suit. This is a standard look for the business professional that is hard to beat.

Coordinate colours. With your dark blue suit, try a blue shirt and a yellow, gold, burgundy or navy tie. Choose a navy blue or burgundy tie and a pale pink shirt to wear with your black or grey suit. If you have a brown suit, choose a yellow or tan shirt with a tie in a different shade of brown than your suit.

Jazz up the combination with stripes. Choose a striped shirt. Pick the dominant colour in the shirt. Match it with your suit. Choose a tie that has some element that is the same colour as the shirt's dominant colour. For example, wear a blue striped shirt with your blue suit. Pick a tie with blue elements in it to coordinate.

Remember combinations that look good together. You don't have to always wear the same shirt and tie together, but if you're short of time as you get dressed in the morning, it's always good to have some favourite combinations in your wardrobe ready to go.

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