How to make flash powder for magic tricks

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Every magician enjoys adding a little sparkle and excitement to his show. This is easily obtainable by using flash powder, a substance often used in shows to make a bit of spark at the height of an illusion. Follow these steps to create homemade flash powder that will make your next performance go with a bang.

Gather your chemicals. Magic flash power has only two components -- aluminium powder and potassium perchlorate. You'll need at least 400 mesh aluminium powder; the smaller the mesh, the better. This is available many places online. Potassium perchorate is rarer.

Measure out your ingredients. Use a ratio of 30 per cent aluminium powder and 70 per cent potassium perchlorate to make your magic flash powder. If you're worried about static electricity in the air, spray diluted fabric softener around your work area. Put the aluminium powder into the bag.

Mix your chemicals. In order to make magic flash powder, you must also add the potassium perchlorate to the bag, and then shake it gently until the chemicals are mixed.

Care for your magic flash powder properly. Leave containers open if they contain flash powder. This will help prevent any accidents or explosions. Only make enough to use immediately, as flash powder should never be stored.

Test your magic flash powder. To activate your flash powder, simply place a small pile of it on the ground, ensuring you clear the area of anything that could catch fire. Insert a fuse that is least 25 cm (10 inches) long and easily lightable from a short distance. After lighting the fuse, back away and watch the show.

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