How to bug a home with a mobile phone

Denys Prykhodov/iStock/Getty Images

Bugging a home with a mobile phone is a cheap and easy way to perform home surveillance. Bug your home to check in on babysitters, children or bug someone else's home to see what they are up to. Bugging a home with a mobile phone is a very simple task that can be completed with basic knowledge of how your phone works.

Set your phone to auto answer. Go into your phone's settings and change the answering feature to "Auto." If you are unsure how this is done check your cell phone's owner's manual.

Turn your phone's ringer and vibrator off. On many phones, this mode is called "Silent."

Plug the corded hands-free unit into the phone. Wrap it tightly around the outside of the phone. Tape the wires to the phone to secure them in place.

Wrap the small piece of fabric around the phone leaving the mouth piece of the hands free unit out of the fabric.

Place the phone in an area where you expect to hear conversations or where you think action might happen. Try to conceal the phone or blend it into the environment so it is not found. For example, hide the phone under a seat cushion, behind electronics or small appliances, or set it in the window sill that is hidden by curtains.

Call the phone from another location. The auto answer feature automatically allows you to hear what is going on without alerting anyone in the house to your bug.

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