How to Repair Wooden Drawer Runners

Furniture repair can be a timely and costly task to most inexperienced homeowners. However, a simple drawer runner repair can be easily done with these hints. In addition, these repair hints can also save the furniture owner time and money.

Check the drawer runners and guide for wear versus the wood being split. The split wood should be replaced, but the worn runner can be repaired and reused.

Remove the old runner and nails using a hammer. Reset a worn runner by gluing the runner on the drawer case with the worn side down. Use clamps to hold the runner in place while the glue dries.

Nail or screw the runner in place. If you use screws, make the old nail holes slightly smaller than the screws. Use two to three number eight or number ten screws per runner. Be sure the screws heads are not wider than the runner.

Countersink the nails if you use nails instead of screws to secure the runner. This keeps the nails from interfering with the drawer opening and closing.

Add a new piece of hardwood to the runner as another option to repair the drawer runner. Form a smooth mortised strip along the drawer edge and glue a new piece of wood on the edge to build the runner back to its original size. This allows the drawer to run evenly and smoothly again.

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