How to print free stencils

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Stenciling is something the whole family can have fun doing. It doesn't have to take a lot of money to add a beautiful stenciled touch to a wall, table, desk, cupboard door, chair or anything around the house. Save money and print free stencils.

Find free stencil patterns online. There area many websites that offer free stencil patterns to download or print. Save the patterns to the computer, for future use.

Print the patterns on plain paper. If you want a larger or smaller image, try adjusting the percentage size before printing. This is usually an option in the printing preferences menu.

Use a copy machine to adjust the size if you weren't able to get the size from the printer menu. Enlarge or make the image smaller when copying onto another plain white piece of paper.

Cut a piece of stencil board, at least 5 cm (2 inches) bigger than the image on all sides. Tape the image to the stencil board with a piece of carbon paper between the image paper and board.

Trace the image with a pencil making sure it shows up on the stencil board. Remove the papers, and begin cutting your stencil with a special stencil cutter or craft knife.

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