How to Make Foot Thongs

Make Foot Thongs

A foot thong is an anklet that stretches down the foot to the toe. Foot thongs are used in dancing or as an accessory for people who like to go barefooted. You can use these few supplies to make your own foot thongs in less than an hour.

Wrap the string around the ankle, down the front of the foot, around the first toe and back to the ankle. Cut the string at the back of the ankle.

Slide the small beads or spacer beads to the middle of the string. Wrap the string around the toe to determine when you have enough beads. The spacer beads must come down the foot and in front of the toe at least 1/2 inch before adding more beads.

Place a regular bead on both of the strings where the spacer beads end. This bead secures the toe piece and makes the string into a thong from the ankle to the toe. Stop these beads about 1 to 1-1/2 inches from the ankle.

Bead the rest of the two strings separately. Use a step and repeat the design or just add random beads.

Tie the 2 strings together in a knot 5 times. Cover the knot with clear fingernail polish to hold it in place. Repeat all these steps to make a thong for the other foot.

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