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How to Survive Prison

Whether you are guilty of your crime or not, you will want to know how to survive in prison. No one likes to be locked up, and if you are innocent, you will need to know some survival techniques on how to make it out of prison alive. Use some of these survival techniques and protect yourself until you get out.

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  1. Before you go make sure you check in with the nearest Prison Fellowship office, or, if possible, the prison chaplain, and ask them what you are allowed to bring into the prison and what you cannot. Some prisons have certain items you can and cannot take with you.

  2. Ask questions about the institution's procedures. Ask if you can bring money with you, if you are allowed to receive any mail or letters, and if you can make phone calls to family and friends.

  3. Make sure you listen a lot and talk only a little if you are a new resident of the prison. It is best to learn the ropes of the prison you are going to serve your time at before assuming anything.

  4. Become a follower and not a leader. It is best to stay calm and avoid becoming assertive in prison. Assertiveness will only attract trouble from other inmates.

  5. Bring only the most important things. Try to leave expensive jewelery and watches with your family or safely at your place of residence. Things get stolen in prison.

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