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How to Buy a Soap Box Racing Model Kit

Soap box derby racing has been a popular sport for both boys and girls since its creation in 1934. You can buy a wide variety of soap box racing model kits, depending upon which derby class you want to compete in and which organization is running the race. You can even build a racer yourself from scratch.

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  1. Determine which soap box racing model kit you want to buy based upon the class in which you wish to compete. The Stock class is designed for beginning racers and offers kits where the instructions are laid out step by step. The Super Stock class, however, is for more experienced competitors, allowing the kit builder to implement more variations and modifications to the basic kit.

  2. Consider entering the Masters, or Scotties, class of soap box derby racing if you are an experienced racer. The Masters class allows you to build a design entirely from scratch, as long as the weight, dimensions and materials are approved by the organization that runs the derby in which you are competing. Materials, however, are still available from these organizations.

  3. Contact the appropriate soap box derby organization to purchase the model kits directly from it. The group is likely to be the All-American Soap Box Derby organization, which is the first and largest organization of its kind, running the world championships held annually at Derby Downs in Akron, Ohio. You can visit the AASBD website to buy an available model kit (see Resources below).

  4. Buy a soap box derby model kit from one of the local chapters of the AASBD or from another soap box derby organization that is not affiliated with the AASBD. Rules, regulations and kit requirements may vary from organization to organization, so make sure you get a proper kit that meets the standards for your upcoming event.

  5. Purchase plenty of extra parts, such as hex bolts, kingpins, steering cables and other components that may become lost or damaged during the course of a competition.

  6. Tip

    Buy an appropriate helmet and eye protection when you purchase your soap box racing model kit.

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