How to Reupholster an Ottoman

Many of us have old, worn furniture around the house. With some minor changes these pieces can often be easily transformed into something fresh and beautiful. If you have an old ottoman that needs reupholstering, just follow these simple steps.

Using pliers, remove any staples, tacks or nails that are holding the current upholstery to the ottoman. Remove the old upholstery. If there is any padding of stuffing, you should also remove it.

Examine the ottoman at this point to see if any repairs are necessary. Check to make sure all parts are well connected and sturdy. Perform any required mending to the frame of the ottoman.

Apply a new layer of padding, if desired. You can purchase padding at a furniture or fabric store. Simply cut a piece of padding that will fit the shape and size of your ottoman. If your ottoman contained stuffing instead of a pad, you will need to wait until you have the new fabric partially attached before beginning to stuff it.

Choose the fabric you will use for your new upholstery. Measure the ottoman so you know how much fabric you will need. However, when you actually cut the fabric leave an extra two inches on each side of the piece. This excess will give you enough fabric to adequately cover the top of the ottoman and tack the material to the bottom side.

Stretch the new fabric over the frame and begin tacking it to the bottom side of the ottoman. If you need to add stuffing to your ottoman, be sure to leave an opening large enough to insert the stuffing before you complete finish tacking.

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