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How to split a cable TV line

Updated February 21, 2017

Splitting a cable TV line is legal in most places. The procedure is very simple and can be done by anyone with a minimum of electrical skills. The purpose is to split the cable signal to two or more TVs in a single household.

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  1. Buy the right splitter. A two-way splitter is basically a plastic plug with one in and two outs. When you connect the cable coming in from the street into this splitter, you will have two lines coming out of it that can go to separate TVs in different rooms of your house. If you also want to connect to the Internet, you will need a three-way splitter or a different type of connection.

  2. Place the splitter as close as possible to the line coming in from the street and as far as you can from the TV itself. This will control the level of interference and ensure higher picture quality in both TVs.

  3. Ask a representative from your cable company for a splitter recommendation. If the company allows you to split the line, a cable representatives may even be willing to perform the process for you, free of charge, when he comes to install the cable. At the very least, he will be able to recommend a splitter for you to purchase.

  4. Buy a two-way cable splitter at your local electronics store if your cable company doesn't provide you with one. Choose a high-quality model that looks firm and well constructed and has an output of about 1 GHz. A low-quality splitter can cause a loss of signal that may produce interference in both your TV and your Internet connection.

  5. Be wary of splitting the line yourself if you are looking to get both a TV signal and an Internet connection. The line must be split at a different place in order to preserve enough strength for the Internet line to work. For this reason, it's better to ask the cable company to do it for you.

  6. Warning

    Splitting your cable may result in electrical interference that causes lines to appear on your TV screen. If you have an Internet connection through your cable company, you may also find that the quality of your online connection is lower or that the connection comes and goes depending on the weather. In these cases, buying a better splitter or rearranging the connection should fix the problem. Splitting a cable line among neighbors is usually illegal.

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Things You'll Need

  • Two- or three-way splitter

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