How to Replace a Car Owner's Manual

Most people toss their owner's manual into the glove box when they purchase the car and never pull it back out until they sell their car. Some folks rely on the manual only where there is a problem. Getting a replacement manual for your car is a pretty basic task for the most part. Read on to learn how to replace a car owner's manual.

Go to a dealership. If you have a car that is still being sold today, chances are the dealership either has or can get you a manual for your car--at a price.

Call the dealership if you car model is no longer made or if it is one of the earlier models of that line. The dealership probably will not have the manual in stock but will either have to order it or can tell you where to go to order it.

Call a junkyard. Junkyards may or may not hold onto car manuals, but this is an excellent resource when everything else fails.

Check eBay. People sell anything and everything on eBay. There are actually thousands of manuals for other things listed on eBay. It is probably a given that eBay also has many car manuals on there for sale as well.

Check the Internet. You might be able to find an owner's manual that someone posted online for whatever reason. You might be able to download it and print it off for your future record.

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