How to Fix Wallpaper Bubbles

Fix Wallpaper Bubbles

The wallpapering is finished, but suddenly you notice a bubble! Usually the bubbles are air filled, but sometimes a piece of plaster or other debris is the culprit. It only takes a short amount of time to fix it and get back to admiring a job well done.

Determine if the bubble is air or debris. Feel the area for lumps.

Wet your sponge with water to moisten the area of the bubble.

Cut the air bubble at its center using a utility knife or razor. Remove the particle causing the lump with tweezers if present.

Grab your glue-injecting syringe and place it behind the slit. A seam adhesive is recommended. Purchase the syringe and glue locally at any home center or hardware store.

Inject a small amount of wallpaper adhesive from the syringe. Move the syringe toward the top, bottom and each side squirting beyond the cut.

Take the damp sponge and press against the wallpaper to remove the bubble.

Wipe away any excess glue from the cut and let the paper dry.

Cut the letter X into the bubble with either a utility knife or razor then pull each section slightly away from the wall.

Take a small amount of wallpaper paste and carefully cover the undersides of each section made from the cut.

Firmly place the paper back on the wall to its original shape.

Lightly press a wet sponge across the paper to remove any remaining air and any excess paste. Let dry.

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