How to organise a monopoly pub crawl

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A Monopoly pub crawl involves visiting one bar on each of the streets that appear on the city's Monopoly board. This tradition seems to have started in London after the release of the British game, but the pub crawl can be planned for any city that has its own board.

Find bars on each of the streets associated with the Monopoly board for your city. Find a couple bars on each street in case one is too busy.

Put the pub crawl together by mapping the bars. Google maps lets you rearrange several destinations so you can figure out the best route (see Resources below).

Call the bars to make sure they will allow your group if it is large. Also, ask what time the bar opens and closes. You don't want to plan a stop at a bar before it opens.

Plan the day to start early enough to hit as many of the streets as possible. There are 22 streets and 4 railways, which become landmarks on city specific boards, that all must be hit on the same day to have a successful pub crawl.

Organize meal breaks during the pub crawl so people do not drink too much or become sick. Find bars that serve food that are on a Monopoly street to kill two birds with one stone.

Require that participants wear Monopoly-themed costumes. Easy outfits resemble the pieces for the game. You can also make shirts that feature the Monopoly logo that everyone on the crawl must wear.

Visit the London Monopoly pub crawl website for an example of how a Monopoly pub crawl actually works (see Resources below). You can use this site to help you organize your own event.

Remember to take photos during the event. The Monopoly pub crawl has become somewhat of a legend, and you want something to remember it by.

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