How to make a quick 1000 pounds online

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You will find plenty of get rich quick schemes all over the Internet. However, further investigation usually shows that you need to pay up-front fees, and there is no guarantee that you will make anything near a living wage despite working every hour of the day. You have only one serious chance of making a quick thousand pounds online, and that is to sell something, or rather lots of things. Fortunately there are plenty of outlets available.

Set up an eBay account (see Resources). Although there are plenty of other auction sites on the Web, eBay has the biggest volume of visitors and a global reputation.

Set up a PayPal account (see Resources). PayPal is owned by eBay and so the two sites work well together. You will be able to accept payment from your eBay sales through PayPal.

List items for sale. Try selling anything you have around the house at first and try to pick a range of goods. The more goods you list the greater your chance of hitting the thousand pound mark. Clean up any items you want to sell and take a photograph of it to improve your chances of getting bids.

Package the goods ready for dispatch. Don’t seal the packaging however because you may need to look at the items again before they are sold in case you get question from a potential bidder. Take the package to the Post Office and get a price for sending it. Add the shipping costs to the price of the item and make this cost clear in the description of the auction item.

Name a “Buy Now” price to speed up the process. You don’t have to have an auction period on eBay, instead you can list a fixed price. This is particularly useful if you have a number of the same items.

Monitor sales and see which type of items sell fastest. Once you have run out of things in your home to sell, look around junk shops for collectibles or go to car boot sales to see what else you could buy cheaply to list on the site.

Search through other auction sites like CQout and Auction Air (see Resources). Once you get the hang of listing on eBay, buy goods on other sites and sell them on at the eBay site.

Dispatch sold items as soon as the sale has ended and payment has been made. A customer complaint will end your online business as soon as it has started. Ask the buyer to give you a good review once the goods have been received. Building up a reputation on eBay will help future sales.

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