How to register your mobile with Samsung in the UK


Samsung made one in four of all mobile phones shipped globally in 2012, a total of 396.5 units and a year-on-year increase of 20 percent. Second-placed Nokia only managed to ship 135.8 million units, a 20 percent drop. Helped partly by the popularity of the Android operating system, Samsung's smartphones are also leaders in their market sector. It makes sense to register your Samsung mobile with the company as it guarantees you access to the latest firmware and software updates, and validates your warranty. You can register your phone online.

Go to the Samsung UK website. Click "Product registration" at the top right-hand of the home page.

Write in your email and password on the next page, entitled "Samsung account" if you already have an account. If not, click "Sign up here" and follow the online instructions to create an account.

Click "New product registration" on the right-hand side of the "MySamsung" page that appears once you've signed in to your account.

Fill in the fields under the "Product registration heading on the next page. You'll need to write in your model number and serial number. In most Samsung phones, you'll find these by removing the back of the phone and the battery to reveal a sticker with printed information. The model number may be titled "IMIE" or "ESN." The serial number will be titled "S/N." Alternatively, you can find the model and serial numbers in your phone's documentation.

Fill in the "Date of purchase" and "Place of purchase" fields and click "Submit." Your phone is now registered. Check your mail box for a confirmation notice.

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