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How to change the screen orientation in Windows

Updated April 17, 2017

Computer monitors come in different shapes and sizes so that you can use them for specific tasks; for example, designers sometimes use a vertically flipped screen for working on magazine or newspaper layouts. The screen on tablet computers running Windows auto-rotates as you move the device. If you're using a desktop or laptop computer with a fixed screen, Microsoft Windows lets you flip the screen orientation between portrait and landscape mode so you can make the most of your monitor's capabilities.

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  1. Move your mouse to the top right corner of the computer screen, click the "Search" button with the magnifying glass icon, and enter "control panel" in the search box. Click to select "Control Panel" in the search screen.

  2. Select the "Adjust Screen Resolution" option in the Control Panel window. Click to select the "Orientation" menu button, and then choose your preferred portrait or landscape screen orientation from the available options. Change these settings until you're happy with the screen display.

  3. Click the "Apply" button to set your preferences, and then choose "Keep Changes" in the confirmation pop-up box. Select the "Revert" option if you want to keep using the orignal orientation.

  4. Tip

    Windows typically offers four orientation modes: landscape, portrait, landscape (flipped) and portrait (flipped). The flipped options display a mirror image of the standard desktop view in the new orientation, so may not be suitable for working on documents or editing videos and images.

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