How to make a heart-shaped pine cone wreath

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You can make a heart-shaped pine cone wreath for Christmas or other occasions. The heart shape conveys a message of love. Beautiful in its own way, the pine cone has historic symbolic associations. Put them together and you will create something that looks good, smells good and adds charm wherever you hang it.

Buy a vine hanging heart, or similar, for a few pounds. This makes a very good base for a heart-shaped pine cone wreath as it is in the same colour range as the pine cones. Make your own vine hanging heart if you prefer, by shaping dried twiggy vines and tying them together with string. Don’t forget to add a hanging loop.

Follow the advice of Comfy Country Creations and use varying types and sizes of pine cone for a more satisfying result. Types mentioned include cedar, cypress, fir, juniper, pine and spruce. You can collect several different kinds in the UK. Further, you can buy many other types online, including several from trees that are not native to the UK.

Use floral wire to prepare the cones for the wreath, as recommended by Martha Stewart. Stewart suggests using about 45 cm (18 inches) of wire for each cone. Wrap it around the base of the cone several times. Leave two 15 cm (6 inches) pieces extending at the beginning and end of the wire.

Place your cones on the vine hanging heart first -- with the heart laid flat -- to try different arrangements. When you have an arrangement you like, begin wrapping the extending wires around the vine. Twist the ends of the wires with pliers to prevent them from slipping.

Proceed in like manner until you have attached all your pine cones. Add other embellishments -- such as berries, nuts, ornaments, ribbon, bows and sprigs of holly -- if required. Hang your heart-shaped pine cone wreath from the hanging loop when completed.

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