How to become a high-rise window cleaner

Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Cleaning the windows of high-rise buildings is a challenging but enjoyable outdoor job provided that you are are not scared of heights. Several UK companies offer courses on working at heights and in the health and safety implications of cleaning windows.

Appropriate qualifications increase your chances of getting a job as a high-rise window cleaner.

Finding a first job

Search for high-rise window cleaning jobs in your area either on-line or in local newspapers. Visit local high-rise buildings and ask which company handles their window washing. Contact them and ask if they have jobs available.

Ask potential employers about the possibility of high-rise window cleaning training or an apprenticeship.

If no jobs are currently available or you are not sufficiently qualified contact an industry group, such as the Federation of Window Cleaners, for the latest industry training requirements. Take a training course that prepares you for high-rise window cleaning job opportunities in the future.

Several industry bodies and training companies in the UK offer window cleaning courses and relevant health and safety training. These include The British Institute of Cleaning Science, the British Window Cleaning Academy and the Federation of Window Cleaners. The BWCA offers a specific course in Managing Work At Height.