HDD Recorder Problems

HDDs, or hard disk drive recorders, are video-recording devices that can save video broadcasts on a solid state, or hard disk drive. You can troubleshoot HDD recorder problems and errors in a number of ways.

No Picture

When a connected HDD recorder fails to generate a picture, it can be because of damage to the power connections or connecting cords or problems with the input selectors on the television, media or the progressive format.

Recording Failure

A recording failure can cause the HDD recorder device to malfunction or not correctly record the video as desired. A recording failure can occur if there is a power failure, damage to the internal clock sensor, a disabled channel or video that is copy protected.

Non-responding Player

A non-responding or non-functioning HDD recorder can be the result of interference from static electricity or a conflict within the system's hardware or software. This can be alleviated by performing a soft or hard reset. To do a soft reset, hold down the power button until the system powers down. If a soft reset does not work, power down the HDD recorder by unplugging the unit directly from the wall adaptor.