Frigidaire Front Load Washer Error Code EFO

Frigidaire washers come with "F#" based error codes that indicate machine failure or malfunction. The "EF" codes are separate codes that require a basic fix so your washer will remain in good operation without repairs.


The "EF0" code will flash on the washer LCD screen. This could be followed by "EF1" or "EF2," the other "EF" codes.


"EF0" could mean one of two things. It could be a clogged drainage pump due to a foreign object or suds. The other possibility is that your washer has too much soap to operate.

Prevention and Solution

Remove all the clothes from the washer and run a small load using water only. This will remove the soap and help clear out the drainage pump. If the error persists, repeat this process two more times to remove the soap.


Use less soap on your next load to prevent the error from occurring. If you need extra soap, gradually increase the amount that you use and wait a little longer between cycles to prevent sud build-up.

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