Uses for European Redwood

"European redwood" is a trade name used in the UK for Pinus sylvestris that is imported. Home-grown Pinus sylvestris, native to Scotland, is referred to as "Scots pine." By whatever name, it is considered easy to work with and is used to make a variety of items.


European redwood grows to approximately 100 feet tall and usually has a straight grain. It has a reddish tint when first harvested but then settles into a white or cream shade; it takes on a silvery colour with age. It has a texture that can range from relatively fine to coarse.


The wood is considered strong and moderately hard. It can be worked with both machine and hand tools and sanded to achieve a smooth finish. It can take both nails and screws without being damaged. The wood can also be stained, painted, glued and varnished. It can be treated to extend its lifespan.


European redwood is used to make a variety of furniture items, including chairs and benches. It is also used in the construction of houses and buildings and for stairs, railings and fences. Smaller items such as clocks can also be made from European redwood.