Indoor Climbing Plants

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Eye-catching indoor gardens incorporate vertical elements. When you grow plants that climb indoors, you create visual interest by inviting the eye up. Gardeners often train various vining plants to climb surfaces such as trellises and walls.

Creeping Fig

Creeping fig is a self-climbing vine, known botanically as Ficus pumila. It has green, heart-shaped leaves and barnacle-like rootlets that firmly cling to any surface. Creeping fig readily covers walls in bright light; however, the rootlets take off paint once you remove the vine.


Commonly known as the wax plant, hoya is a tropical, climbing plant with thick leaves and fragrant, waxy flowers. Hoya grows well indoors on a wire trellis and if given bright light.


Climbing varieties of philodendron, such as P. Scandens, have heart-shaped leaves and aerial roots along their stems that attach to available surfaces. Philodendron does well when trained onto a moss pole or trellis.


Pothos, an easy-to-grow vine does well when trained to grow up any upright support. It has heart-shaped green leaves with silver or yellow markings. This vigorous vine grows in just about any lighting situation, including low light.

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