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Yamaha Motorcycle Warranty Information

Updated April 17, 2017

Yamaha provides a limited warranty for its motorcycles sold by authorised dealers. Buyers should receive an explanation and copy of warranty information from the dealer at the time of purchase.

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Time Frame

The full warranty -- covering all manufacturer parts and defects -- lasts for one year, with no mileage limitation from date of purchase. The warranty covers some parts, such as the engine, for up to five years or until the motorcycle reaches a specific mileage.


The warranty covers repairs, free of charge, by a licensed Yamaha dealer during the warranty period. Repaired parts remain covered for the duration of the warranty.


Certain circumstances void the warranty and require the owner to cover the cost of repairs and parts during the warranty period, including damage done by racing, improper transit of motorcycle, and abnormal strain or abuse of the motorcycle. The warranty also will not cover repairs done by someone other than the dealership or if the owner installs non-manufacturer parts during the warranty period.

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