The purpose of the Fire Service Images

The first fire brigade in United Kingdom was organised during the Roman invasion of AD 43. Since that time, fire brigades have become a crucial part of keeping cities, towns, communities, and wildlife safe from the dangers of an out-of-control fire.


The most basic goal of any fire brigade is to prevent the loss of life and property related to fire incidents. Outside of physically putting out fires, the fire brigade is also responsible for enforcing building codes, conducting fire safety inspections, and promoting fire safety education within the community.


Fire brigades are funded by local government. The UK has 46 Fire and Rescue Authorities that don't exactly match the county or unitary authority structure. This is because some local councils club together to fund a joint authority.


Contrary to popular belief, fire brigades do not send out firefighters or trucks to rescue cats that have got stuck in a tree. Those who have a pet stuck in a tree should contact the RSPCA.