Typical Cost of Moving a Mobile Home

moving house image by dinostock from Fotolia.com

The cost of moving a mobile home generally comprises three components: tear down, transport and set-up. The distance you travel determines much it costs to move your home, as you will usually need to pay for each mile travelled.

Tear-Down and Permissions

To move your mobile home, you will often be required to get permission from the state to move. This includes having your house inspected before you move and after you settle in your new location. Tearing down the house incurs more expenses. The home must be raised and lowered, the tongue and axles must be installed and the trim, doors and windows must be secured or removed. Typical costs of tear-down are between £227 and £650 (as of 2010).


Transport of the home includes a mobile home toter driver to hook up to the mobile home, obtaining directions from the state on roads that can be driven with a mobile home in tow and additional permits for toting the home. This cost averages between £3 and £11 per mile.


Setting up your mobile home in its new location generally costs between £812 and £2,925. This price tag includes preparation of the site, such as laying a concrete or approved fibreglass pad, complete with levelled blocks (typically called piers), and hooking up utilities.