Information on Stihl 064 Chainsaws

chainsaw image by Andris Daugovich from

Manufactured specifically for felling or cutting trees, the Stihl 064 chainsaw is a fast and heavy duty type of chainsaw. Due to its high powered assembly, safety parameters must be followed for safe and continual use.


The Stihl 064 chainsaw is comprised of an engine, resembling a tiny vehicle engine, that controls the blade and the chain that is attached. Along with the fundamental parts is an anti-vibration system that muffles motion from the engine, and subsequent cutting action for a more comfortable working environment.


Aside from the basic blade and chain, a bow guide can be purchased as an accessory for alternate uses of the saw, such as cutting logs already on the ground. This accessory is another type of saw guide to produce a quality cut.


Any operation of a chainsaw should be accompanied by a skilled user and a thorough understanding of the particular model's instruction manual. Major injury, and even death, can easily occur for an unskilled user if training is absent or not clear.