What Is an Achromatic Color Scheme?

Black and white background image by Bluebird from Fotolia.com

An achromatic colour scheme is one without colour. The most popular achromatic colour scheme is black and white, often used in kitchens and bathrooms.


The right materials can increase the effectiveness of an achromatic colour scheme. Try natural stone, such as marble or granite, which come in black and white, often with various tones of grey running through it.


An achromatic colour scheme often has strong contrast to make a feature "pop" out when you enter the room. In a kitchen for example, if you choose a dark grey countertop and black floor, white cabinets will seem to jump out at you.


Many people who use an achromatic colour scheme choose small bursts of colour to add interest to their rooms. Copper pots hanging in a kitchen, a wood frame on a mirror in a bathroom, or a bouquet of flowers in a living room can add life to this colour scheme.

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