Unique outdoor container planting ideas

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Planting a container garden is an enjoyable gardening idea. You can make it as large or as small as you need, and you can place them wherever you like. The first step in creating this kind of garden is selecting the kind of container you will use.

Round and Round

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Tires are a versatile choice, available in sizes from tiny to huge, for bicycles, tractors, cars, motorcycles, golf carts and more.

Carrying Loads

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Turning a wheelbarrow into a container garden makes for an eye-catching accent piece in which to plant flora and fauna.

Cask It

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Barrels make great container gardens. You can set them on end, or halve them lengthwise and use them that way.

Cargo Space

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Grow plants in crates. Whether wooden or plastic, they're great for this purpose.

Innovative Idea

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Flower pots may seem like a boring choice, but you turn them into a unique container garden. Buy very large flower pots; then dress them up: paint your pot, or glue on glass or pottery shards, arrowheads, coloured tiles or beads and apply a few coats of clear sealer.