Are Tire Plugs Legal?

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A flat tire is a nuisance for every driver, whether it happens on the road or is noticed in the driveway or car park. Buying a new tire is an expensive solution to problem. If the puncture is minor enough, the tire can be plugged.


Tire plugs are legal, and fixing a flat tire by this means is cost effective. A tire can run safely for the rest of its life if the plug is intact and has been installed correctly.


Automotive supply stores sell tire plug kits if you choose to perform the task yourself. Most garages and auto shops remove the tire from the wheel -- and repair the hole from the inside -- rather than using the plugging method.

Number of plugs

It is safe to add a second plug to a tire that goes flat. Uniroyal, BFGoodrich and Michelin say their tires can be plugged in up to three different places, but there must be at least 90 degrees between each plug. Only one plug per quarter of the tire is recommended.

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