When do geraniums flower?

Getty Images/Hemera

Geraniums are a genus of plants that produce brightly coloured flowers and brilliant leafy foliage. They do well in pots and in gardens, and knowing when they bloom is helpful when you are planning the look of your home and garden.

Time frame

Geraniums bloom during the early spring and continue to bloom until the first frost. Extend the growing season by bringing the plants indoors for longer and longer periods of time as the weather gets chillier, because bringing the geranium indoors suddenly without acclimatisation can cause yellow leaves and a reluctance to bloom.

Winter blooming

Geraniums will produce blooms indoors in controlled temperatures around 16 degrees C (60F). Take cuttings from outdoor geraniums during the spring and bring them indoors during the summer. Grow them in a window with full sun to facilitate ideal growth.

Overwintering geraniums

To keep geraniums for the following year, cut the plants back to 15 cm (6 inches) and dig them up. Pack the root balls together in a deep plastic box and cover lightly with garden soil. Store the plants at temperatures between 4 and 7 degrees C (40F to 45F) for the winter.

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