The average cost to replace an automatic transmission

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Without a working transmission, your vehicle is virtually unusable. Having the right information on the costs and facts of automatic transmission replacement will put you in a better position to get your automobile back on the road.


Labor cost is higher for an automatic transmission because more work is needed than would be for a manual. Besides the transmission, the torque converter will have to be changed out as well. The flushing of cooling lines is also a necessary part of transmission replacement.


Automatic transmission replacement can vary from place to place. You may be able to locate a shop that will do the job for under £1,300. However, depending on your vehicle type, your bill may end up being well over £1,950.


Because of the prices of transmission replacement, you may want to consider having it rebuilt instead. You will first need to find out the seriousness of your transmission problem. If it is only minor, rebuilding the transmission could be a better route.