Safety of Cot Bumpers

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Cot bumpers, also known as crib bumpers, may not actually be safe for babies. Health experts, including the UK National Health Service and the Children's Hospital at Westmead in Australia, do not recommend the use of cot bumpers, as they have been linked to SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).


Cot bumpers are padded cloths attached to the inner walls of cribs. They serve as lining so babies don't bump into the hard crib railings and as protection from draft. The bumpers come in different designs, colours, materials and embellishments, making baby cribs more attractive.

Possible Hazards

Cot bumpers pose possible hazards associated with SIDS, such as air flow restriction, overheating and lack of oxygen. Babies can get suffocated against it, choke on the trimmings or use the bumpers to climb out of the crib.

Safety First

Use cot bumpers in breathable fabrics and without safety hazards such as buttons, strings, laces, ribbons or other trimmings that stick out. Before leaving your child to sleep in the crib, always make sure you remove the bumpers.