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Where can I purchase citronella plants?

Updated March 23, 2017

The citronella plant is a geranium with soft lavender flowers. It grows to a height of 2 feet and its foliage, when crushed, has the scent of citronella.

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The citronella plant grows well in containers or in a sunny spot in the garden. It is cold-intolerant, so plant it after all danger of frost has passed.


This plant is sometimes sold in nurseries as a "mosquito plant," or Pelargonium citrosum. Despite marketing claims that the plants will protect against mosquitoes, university studies cited by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension have proven otherwise.


Online shoppers can find citronella plants at Hirts Gardens, Amazon and FragrantFields websites. Because the plant is erroneously marketed as a mosquito repellent, if you live in an area that is troubled with mosquitoes your local gardening centre may carry the plant. If not, ask if it can be special ordered.

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