About avis used car sales

yellow car, a honda Japanese sport car model image by alma_sacra from Fotolia.com

Avis sells its cars to the public after they've been used as part of their fleet of rental cars. Most are retired from the rental market when they're less than 2 years old and have been driven less than 30,000 miles.


Some people think that buying a former rental from Avis is a mistake because multiple people drive the cars and don't take care of them because they're not their own. They think that Avis former rentals cars are not in good condition. But Avis rental cars are better maintained and serviced by the company than the typical consumer-owned car.


Avis will provide detailed maintenance reports and accident reports when you buy a former rental. All come with 12-month, 12,000-mile warranties, no matter what the car's age or mileage. Avis offers extended warranties at additional cost and in-house financing and will take trade-ins.

AutoNation Direct

AutoNation Direct is a facilitator of sales of Avis' used cars in Florida, Colorado and California. Visiting the website allows you to preview the available cars by make, model, price and style.