Are Snapdragons Annuals or Perennials?

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Snapdragons are a perennial plant. Snapdragons have roots with the ability to survive through winter and regenerate the perennial in the spring. Some snapdragons act like an annual because of the region's climate and growing conditions.


Snapdragons (Antirrhinum majus) are native plants to the Mediterranean. This perennial plant received its name because the snapdragon's flower resembles a mouth of a dragon.


Approximately 230 available types of snapdragons are sold commercially, according to the University of California at Davis. Three classifications of snapdragons exist: tall, medium or dwarf. The sizes of snapdragons have a wide assortment, from tall 4-feet plants to small 6-inch plants. Common dwarf varieties are 'Floral Carpet' and 'Floral Showers.' Some typical medium-sized snapdragon plants include the 'Madame Butterfly,' ' Liberty' and 'Princess' varieties. Tall snapdragon plants include the 'Bright Butterflies' and the 'Rocket.'


Snapdragons are comprised of green erect stems and tubular flowers with two sides. The flowers develop in spikes with an upright formation. The flower opens and snaps shut when pressure is applied to the jaw of the snapdragon. These hardy perennial plants bloom in a variety of colours, including purple, yellow, white, red, bronze and many different shades of pink.

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