Pine tree facts for kids

Robert Houser/Creatas/Getty Images

The pine tree is just one member of the big tree family known as conifers. Conifers are trees that produce cones that contain the seeds that grow more trees. These trees have names like Eastern white pine, Virginia pine and Scotch pine.


Pine trees have long needles that help them keep water. This helps pine trees grow where other trees can't, because they don't need watering as often as other trees. Pine trees are called evergreens, because their needles stay green all year long.


The Eastern white pine grows to 80 feet tall. It's a fast grower shaped like a pyramid at first. It then changes into an umbrella shape as it gets taller. It has soft, long, blue-green needles and big, brown, smooth cones that hold the seeds.


Scotch pine trees come from Europe and often used as Christmas trees. They can stand hard winters, which makes them a good choice for cold places such as Canada and the Great Plains. The white pine, which is the state tree of Maine, is the biggest pine tree in the Northeastern United States. Its tall, strong, straight trunks were used as ship masts in colonial times.

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