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How Can Bowen Therapy Assist Constipation?

Updated February 21, 2017

Bowen therapy is a hands-on holistic, therapeutic practice known to alleviate pain and relax the body. Though Bowen therapy does not replace professional medical treatment, it can assist with the relief of constipation.

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According to an article in Positive Health Online, Dr. Gowrie Motha, an obstetrician, says Bowen therapy is helpful for easing constipation in adults as well as relieving colicky babies. When the human body is relaxed, as it is during Bowen therapy sessions, the lower gastrointestinal region can relax as well, allowing an individual to have a bowel movement.


During a Bowen therapy treatment, the practitioner uses his thumbs and fingers to manipulate the client's inner tissues and muscles. Gently performing Bowen therapy in the gastrointestinal region of the body eases the colon and may unblock obstructed areas.


Bowen therapy is not a miraculous solution to constipation. It may require two or three treatments before the client notices a difference.

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