What Is Progressive Entrapment?

Using a ouija board can have serious consequences for the untrained and the unskilled. One of the most threatening possible outcomes of using a ouija board is known as "progressive entrapment."


Progressive entrapment happens when a spirit deceives a board user with intent to possess him. The spirit entices the person to use the board more frequently and to let his guard down.


An evil spirit may claim to be a deceased loved one or friendly ghost and try to develop a relationship with the person using the board, warns Edmond C. Gruss, author of "The Ouija Board: A Doorway to the Occult." The spirit mixes truths and lies, telling the person what she wants to hear.

Famous Cases

The book and film "The Exorcist" were based on a real-life case, reports Mark Opsasnick in his book, "The Real Story Behind the Exorcist." The child in the book reported using the ouija board before the possession. The novel "The Exorcist" details progressive entrapment as the means of possession.


Never use a ouija board alone. Don't use one when you are ill, tired, depressed or on medication. Take measures of spiritual protection based on your religious beliefs when using the board.


The power of suggestion is the only thing at play with ouija boards, claims the Sceptic's Dictionary at www.skepdic.com. Sceptics argue that cases of possession not ultimately attributed to mental illness are caused by weak minds conforming to expected roles.

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