What to Do After Amaryllis Plants Bloom

Amaryllis image by Keith Pinto from Fotolia.com

A popular flowering plant, the amaryllis produces flower stalks that tower up to 2 feet and produce blossoms up to 10 inches in width. Grown from a bulb, the plant is a popular indoor holiday plant. Once flowering ceases, the bulb can continue to thrive with a little care for repeat blooming the next season.

Care Time Frame

When flowering ceases and the blossoms begin to fade, cut the flower stalk off 1 to 2 inches above the bulb. Do not disturb the foliage of the plant. Place the bulb and foliage in a south-facing window to receive ample sunshine as the bulb prepares for its dormancy.

Summertime Care

Keep the amaryllis bulb moist but not waterlogged. Fertilise the plant with a well-balanced, water soluble fertiliser every two weeks. Place the amaryllis outdoors after all danger of frost has passed. Bring the amaryllis indoors before the first hard frost in the fall.

Resting Significance

Place the amaryllis in a cool, dark place to rest. The foliage will begin to dry and shrivel. Remove the amaryllis plant from storage after eight to 12 weeks. Place in full sunlight and water so new growth will develop.