How much does a phlebotomist make an hour?

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Phlebotomists work in a hospital, physician’s office, blood bank or commercial laboratory. They are trained to collect blood samples from patients for testing.

Certified nurse aids and medical assistants are sometimes trained to be phlebotomists in addition to their other duties and increases their opportunities for higher pay.


Training to be a phlebotomist is available through vocational schools and colleges. It typically takes 4 to 8 months to complete. If already employed in the health care field, on-the-job training may be available. Some may choose this as a entry-level job into the health care field then continue onto further studies while taking advantage of the work experience and pay benefits such as tuition reimbursement.


Hourly pay rates for a phlebotomist range from £7.00 to £9.60 per hour. Benefits often include medical insurance and sometimes dental and vision insurance as well. There may also be tuition reimbursement programme available for continuing education.


Persons interested in becoming a phlebotomist should be comfortable around people and be handle being under pressure. They should also be able to make nervous patients feel at ease. The job outlook for this field looks positive with higher than average growth expected. Individuals must consider that phlebotomy is the lowest paying job with the medical lab field, but further studies and work experience will advance their career into more skilled positions with higher salary potential.