Home remedy for treating cats for fleas

scratching cat image by Lucid_Exposure from Fotolia.com

Flea infestations and treatments with harsh products don't have to be facts of life for cats. Home remedies for treating cats for fleas are gentle, safe and can work just as well as commercial flea products do.


When they're not feasting on a host animal, fleas thrive in bedding, upholstery and carpeting. Vacuuming frequently, washing and drying bedding on the hottest settings possible, and sprinkling food grade diatomaceous earth in places where they lurk will kill the fleas in your home.


Cats in poor health are more likely to get fleas than healthy cats are. Feeding a high quality meat-based diet can help keep your cat healthy and free of fleas.


Bathing the cat with mild, organic soap will kill fleas. Veterinarian Tracy Lord suggests going over the cat with a flea comb after the bath to remove any survivors. Dipping the comb into a glass of soapy water will drown the fleas and prevent them from escaping into your home.


Adding 1 mg per pound of body weight of brewer's yeast and 10 mg of zinc to your cat's food can repel fleas. When metabolised, brewer's yeast creates an odour and flavour that are unappealing to fleas, notes veterinarian Christine Makowski.

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