How much does it cost to reupholster a chair?

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More than cost needs to be considered in having a chair reupholstered. Decide whether the chair is worth the expense from the guts out. A high-quality chair has solid wood framing, glued and dowelled joints and eight-way hand-tied springs. It is cost-effective to reupholster such a chair.

With lower quality goods you can buy new for about the same amount as reupholstering.


If your chair is worthy of re-covering, keep in mind that in addition to the labour cost involved, you will have to purchase fabric. Be sure that the fabric you choose will be durable enough to warrant the lofty labour cost. It takes approximately seven yards to do an average wing chair. More fabric is required for matching patterns.


Reupholstering is labour-intensive. Where the cost of living is above average, expect to pay more.

There are good upholsterers nearly everywhere. Many work from their homes rather than storefronts. Ask to see examples of their work if you are uncertain about the quality.

Add-On Features

Unusual features such as tufting, nailhead trim or asymmetrically cushions, generally cost more to reupholster. Even skirting versus no skirt can bring an extra charge. Also, if the frame needs repair or the springs need replacing, or if the cushions must be repadded, expect an upcharge.

Real Costs

Expect to pay £227 to £357 to have an average easy chair reupholstered--labour only. Most upholsterers will give you a cost estimate free of charge or for a small fee. Add the fabric cost to that figure. Discount fabric stores offer materials starting as low as £2.50, but some designer fabrics cost £39 to £52 a yard or more.