How Much Does It Cost to Tile a Floor?

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Pricing a tile floor job can be challenging. Main costs to consider include the material of tile desired and the size of the room where tile will be placed. Individuals who prefer basic floor tile will have less costs than those who desire exotic, customised floor tile.

Costs for Tile

According to CostHelper, glazed ceramic tiles cost from 60p to £13 per square foot, which is equivalent to approximately £65 to £1,300 for a 10-by-10-foot room. Unglazed tiles will average £1.30 per square foot, which totals £130 for the same size room, and teracotta tiles average 60p to £1.60 per square foot, or £162. For those who desire floor tile with the look of stone, porcelain tiles average £1.30 to £2 per square foot, which costs about £130 to £260 for a 10-by-10-foot room. Natural stones, such as marble, slate or granite, start at £1.30 per square foot or £130; however, designs or customisation will dramatically increase the price. Custom-made art tiles may start at £16 per square foot, which is equivalent to £1,625. Mosaics--made of stone, glass, metal and porcelain--are also expensive tiles. They cost £1.90 to £16 per square foot or £195 to £1,625 with higher costs for custom mosaic tiles.

Installation Fees

When visiting your local tile store, you may receive a quote that includes both the cost of tile and installation fees. If installation is not included, you should expect to pay from £3 to £6 per square foot, or £325 to £650 for a 10-by-10-foot room. Removal of furniture and odd-shaped rooms increase installation fees.

Costs For Optional Tile Warming

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A tile-warming system consists of wire cables placed on floors beneath tiles and regulated by a thermostat to heat your tile flooring on cold days. Professional tile warming starts at £715 for a 10-by-10-foot room. HammerZone reports that self-installation of wiring and a thermostat costs approximately £325 for a room of 100 square feet. Call a few local retailers to determine the lowest cost for warming your tile floor.