Aftercare Advice for False Nails & Nail Art

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For centuries, women have coveted long, beautiful fingernails, and men have adored them. False nails and nail art are an easy way to achieve fabulous fingertips but they do require special care and attention.

Top Coat

A top coat is a type of nail polish designed to protect and seal nail polish and art. Top coats help to prevent colour from chipping and add shine to the nail. By using a top coat over nail art, the design will last much longer.


Gloves are a girl's best friend. Wear them when doing dishes, housework or any other activity that requires use of the hands. The gloves will protect your nails from elements that could cause breakage or discolouration.


False nails and nail art require regular maintenance to keep them looking their best. As the natural nail grows, there will be a gap between the cuticle and false nail that needs to be filled in. A visit to a salon every two weeks or so is recommended, depending on how fast your natural nails grow.

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