How to Buy Common Frog Tadpoles

Tadpoles can be fun and educational pets for children, who will enjoy watching their small tadpoles turn into frogs. While searching for a specific type of frog tadpole may be a difficult task, you can get common frog tadpoles from a variety of sources.

Pet and Aquarium Supply Stores

Aquarium supply stores sometimes have tadpoles in stock; they're also convenient one-stop shops for your aquarium, fish bowl, and other supplies needed to raise healthy tadpoles. Not all pet stores and aquarium stores will carry tadpoles, however, so call ahead to make sure.


There are many online stores that sell tadpoles and tadpole growing kits. Some of these tadpoles will grow into bullfrogs, while others will grow into common frogs. The advantage of an online store is that you have a better chance of purchasing tadpoles that are healthy and have been properly cared for since these stores, unlike pet and aquarium stores, specialise in these animals.


If you do not purchase a tadpole kit, ask your pet or aquarium store or visit the FAQ page of the online tadpole store that you are purchasing your pets from to find out which types of supplies you will need for tadpole housing and care.